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Gutter Cleaning Bristol, Gloucester, Cheltenham

Gutter cleaning

From our head office in Gloucester we provide gutter cleaning and maintenance. Gutter Cleaning is an essential part of your home and office maintenance and by not carrying out a regular check of your gutters, the remedial repair bill could get very costly indeed. At The Core Facilities Group “guttering” means managing rain water and other forms of precipitation such as melting snow and ice. We can install; repair or replace; maintain (including clearing and cleaning) and paint all types of guttering, boxes and down pipes be they made from wood, slate or cast iron or now made from heavy duty temperature resilient plastics. Some older buildings have asbestos gutters and we highly recommend that these be replaced with a more friendly material. We will remove the asbestos from your property and dispose of it as required by law. Poorly maintained guttering is too often the weakest link in building maintenance: moss, plant growth and leaves can block the flow of water, causing over flows which damage the wall; wear away the paint and plaster work. We can maintain guttering as part of a regular external examination programme which includes the window cleaning programme: once lifted up on the MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platform) also known as a “cherry picker” the value added of the window cleaning is enhanced by an examination of the gutter flow and with a Gutter Vacuum removing blockages and extraneous material: we will also check the water down flow capability.

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Gutter Cleaning