Window Cleaning

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The Core Facilities Group Limited are commercial and domestic window cleaning professionals based in Gloucester. We cover all of Cheltenham and Gloucester and we cover Ross on Wye and Stroud areas.

Window cleaning as an industry has been around for over one hundred years. Gone are the days of the one man and his ladder, the industry is worth hundreds of millions of pounds each year and with health and safety regulations keeping the professionals in and the cowboys out.

We are an advocate of the Scottish Window Cleaners License and we would like to see this brought into effect across the entire UK.

This would help continue to professionalise this industry further.

We are specialists in window cleaning using all methods available to us, we are fully insured and have had many years perfecting our knowledge. We are licensed to use MEWP’s to access even the most inaccessible parts of a property and we have gained experience with some of the United Kingdom’s largest blue chip companies.

Water & Squeegee

Usually a washing up based liquid is added to water, and a device such as a brush or cloth-covered handle ( Mop ) is dipped into the resulting solution and used to scrub the glass. A squeegee is then used to sluice the dirt and water mixture from the glass.

There are four different types of squeegees.

  • Window Squeegee is the most famous one because it is used on all types of windows. Your house, commercial premises or even car windows can be cleaned with the window squeegee.
  • Floor Squeegees are mostly used for large surfaces like floors, they’re mostly used in hospitals and other large buildings.
  • Stiff blade squeegees are used in applying grout to tiles.
  • Water-fed Poles

We tend to use pure water fed poles more than mop and squeegee as a small sticky residue is usually left after the clean which can attract dirt. For maintenance a clean water feed is the ideal and safe choice.

Any of a variety of types of telescopic poles, fitted at the upper end with a brush and water jets, fed either from vehicle-borne tanks of deionised water or by on-site production of deionised water using a domestic or commercial water outlet. The water is filtered by either a two-stage or three-stage filtration process using reverse osmosis, and a final de-ionization stage. The filtered water contains a TDS (total dissolved solids) of less than 1 ppm. (parts per million) The brush is used to agitate the debris off the window, while spraying water, and then the brush is lifted a few inches from the glass to rinse the glass with the pure water jets. Fan jets are used for hydrophobic glass, and “pencil” jets are used for hydrophilic glass. The de-ionized water is lacking in ions, so it will pull solids off the glass and dissolve the solids into the water, aiding in the cleaning process. Because there are no solids dissolved in the water, the windows dry clear without water spots. Water-fed poles vary in length. The longest poles are about 70 feet, and can reach up to six storeys.

We are a professional services company employing only experienced qualified professionals to deliver quality and value on time and to specification. Please contact us for a discussion of your requirements: I am sure that we can help.

We are available to use hot water systems upon request or dependent on the type of work and also part per billion machines for more detailed cleaning